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Ductless vs. Heat Pumps: What’s the Better Home Heating Option?

Heat pumps are hailed as one of the most energy-efficient home heating options on the market, and while that’s true, ductless gives it a pretty good run for its money. They have their own pros and cons, so we’re going to run through a list of desirable features, where each of these machines fall in that category, and help you set up heating service in Bothell, WA so you can schedule an installation for your preferred heating system today.

Energy Efficiency

When you already start with two of the most efficient home heating methods that exist, it comes down to nitpicking the small details and features. Your energy efficiency comes down to usage and needs.

A ductless unit can have multiple heads to accommodate your space, while a heat pump is sized to accommodate the whole space. Depending on your level of granular control that you’re willing to have over your heating, ductless units allow you to be more energy efficient, but require input from you. While a heat pump simply lowers the cost to heat your home using the same way you’re already used to, since it opiates like central AC and heating.

Time to Install

Heat pump installation is straightforward, but there’s ductwork to keep in mind, as well as removing the old unit. The installation can take a full day or longer depending on complications that your technician runs into.

Installing a single ductless mini split is a quick process that can definitely be completed in a single day in most scenarios. However, this becomes more complicated the more heads you add, so it’s really anybody’s guess here.

Ease to Achieve Comfort

Both systems can be hooked up to a smart thermostat, which essentially takes you out of the driver’s seat (with a bit of input to get it started) and then you won’t have to worry about touching the thermostat for a while.

In its nature, ductless is about having more fine control over different zones in your home, but because you can also use zone control systems in conjunction with a heat pump, the ability to achieve easy comfort with minimal work is fantastic regardless of which system you choose.

Cost to Repair

Heat pumps are expensive to install, and can run a little bit more than central AC to repair. But with ductless, you can run into a repair issue with one of four heads, then run into another issue with a different head a few months later.

It’s uncommon, and since ductless mini splits undergo minimal levels of wear and tear, you won’t see a ton of repair requests, but it’s still something to keep in mind. One caveat: if one of your multiple ductless mini splits breaks down, the others can pick up the pace so you don’t lose all your comfort. That’s one major selling point for ductless.

Install That New Heating System Now

There’s no reason to wait to upgrade your home heating. You can start saving money on utility costs every single day simply by making the switch from an old, inefficient heating system to either of these options. We’re here to help you find out what works best for you, and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Contact us today to schedule your heater installation as soon as possible, whether it’s a heat pump, furnace, or something else.

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